The Rapture: “Sail Away” Video

As if the song itself didn’t scream ‘epic closing-credits track to a movie made between 1986-1988’, you should check out the video for Sail Away. Hailing from their album In the Grace of Your Love, Kris Moyes directed the piece featuring The Rapture frontman Luke Jenner darting around on a blown-up chip bag in the streets of NYC. Towards the end your left with this feeling that the boy from Flight of the Navigor will fly in and take everyone to a Flock of Seagulls show … all of this is meant as a compliment by the way. Enjoy the video.

The Rapture – Sail Away (short version) from DFA Records on Vimeo.

And P.S., there’s an extended version of the video coming soon.

Kimberly Nichole covers Seven Nation Army

Backed with a cascade of soul flowing from her impassioned voice, Kimberly Nichole covers Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes and does it some nice justice. Still present is the driving bass rhythm and pumping drums, but she managed to drench the vocals with an ode to 50’s blues that resonates well. This is the first track released from her upcoming EP, Rock Ballerina; an album covering her favorite rock songs.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Rebellion (Lies)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor recently covered Arcade Fire‘s Rebellion (Lies) for Songs To Save a Life, a charity album benefiting Samaritans, a confidential emotional support service for anyone living in the UK and Ireland. The song doesn’t deviate too far from the original in conception, but Ellis-Baxtor adds a nice touch to the vocals that does invite you to re-explore the words. Ellis-Bextor – Rebellion (Lies) (Arcade Fire Cover) by Pop Labyrinth

Get the album at

Brand new music from The Jealous Sound

One of the least appreciated bands of the early 2000s, at least relative to their greatness, The Jealous Sound disappeared for a long time, then reappeared with a brief 3-song, 2-remix ep a couple years back. Official word was that there was no hope for us to get any more new music from the band. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes (just trying to anticipate the official pr from the band’s publicist) TJS is now returning with an oft-delayed full length to be released in 2012. I’ve heard some describe it as the Chinese Democracy of indie rock bands that we care about.

For now, rejoice, we have a first single from soundcloud AND official artwork, so here’s to rejoicing and remembering the early aughts for all they were. Your Eyes Were Shining by The Jealous Sound

History of Rap, Part III

In case you missed Justin Timberlake on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon doing the History of Rap (part 3), here’s the clip from this past Friday. The pair have of performed The History Of Rap twice before, this time they tackled hits from Kanye West, House of Pain, Coolio, Ice Cube, Young MC, Naughty By Nature, OutKast, The Fugees, Snoop Dogg, The Beastie Boys, Sir Mix-A-Lot and Fresh Prince.

The Amazing Wilco "Art of Almost"

Art of Almost from Richie Wireman on Vimeo.

You’ll have to follow the link to watch it on Vimeo, but you won’t be sorry you did. Photographer Richie Wireman has been shooting Wilco since 2006 and here he has captured them in a stunning visual compilation of photos from load in to load out.

Buy Wilco’s excellent new album from the band’s own store, Wilco World or at any fine digital outlet like Amazon MP3 or iTunes.