Remix Wednesday Jan. 29

Today’s mix features tracks from Nine Inch Nails (in honor of Trent’s angry post-Grammy tweet), the new Broken Bells record (out next week) and more. Sure the Elliott Smith cover by Goldroom isn’t technically a remix, but hey don’t be such a legalist. Of course we have Pigeon John blowin’ up like a bomb, The Killers AND Brandon Flowers and Phoenix.

Remix Wednesday Jan. 29 from on 8tracks Radio.

New release grab bag: Bibio, The Lawrence Arms, Dum Dum Girls

With nary a blockbuster release to speak of this week, I chose to focus on three new records of divergent styles.

Commence bullets:

  • Bibio – The Green EP
    • Think of a cross between Boards of Canada and Iron & Wine.  Got it?  Now add a dash of psych-folk and you can begin to approximate the sound the Stephen Wilkinson produces as Bibio.  On this, his fourth EP (he has released seven full-lengths since 2004, including three in 2009 alone), Wilkinson starts things off with Dye the Water Green, a slowly building folk number that reminds a bit of Bon Iver.  He follows with a few soundscape numbers and ends with a pair of meandering compositions redolent with reverb and hints at deeper things.  While I wouldn’t call this a masterpiece by any stretch, the Green EP has certainly peaked my interest; I think a back-catalog dive is in order.

  • The Lawrence Arms – Metropole
    • I hadn’t heard of this Chicago punk outfit until yesterday.  They released a number of well-received albums in the early-aughts but hadn’t put any new music out since 2008.  From what I can tell, they were best known for drinking a lot and playing fast and loud.  I can’t compare this new record with their earlier material, but I can tell you that if you like rousing punk-rock hooks, anthemic (albeit cliched) choruses, and a healthy helping of two dudes belting harmony, then maybe you’ll like this record.  Also, the drummer seems pretty good.

  •  Dum Dum Girls – Too True
    • Um, maybe this is the old in me, but how is this different than what Siouxsie and the Banshees were doing 30 (!) years ago?  I guess the production is fuller and they wear less clothing, but it all sounds so derivative.  Dum Dum Girls seem to fall right in line (and far behind) bands like The Bangles, The G0-Gos, etc.  If you’re looking for some modern lady-rock, I would recommend Warpaint’s new album.

#GRAMMYs 2014


I put the hashtag in the title because, you know, when a cultural “event” is happening on a certain night it only seems appropriate to participate in some form or another. So our contribution is this playlist of Grammy nominees past and present … it gets more current further down the list you go, ironically I really DID dig The Rolling Stones “Doom and Gloom” which is the furthest thing from current if you know what ai’m sayin.