Friday Playlist: Heavy

I’ve dropped a few hints here and there. If you’ve been reading, you know I harbor much love for the heavier side of things. In honor of the fatigue and frustration many of us feel on this day of romantic fervor, I present a mix of loud, abrasive, wonderful songs that run the gamut of the heavy sub-genres. You’ll hear nintendo-core, sludge metal, post-metal, metal-core, post-hardcore, and just straight up metal. Turn up those speaker, nod your head, and enjoy.

PopHeart Etc. Friday Mix – Feb 14 from on 8tracks Radio.

1. HORSE the band is a joy. They are irreverent, independent, and inventive. Using analog keys as a prominent sound gives them the nintendo-core label, but the song-writing, technical ability, and frenetic energy are what sets them apart. (Bay Area)

2. Mastodon need no introduction. If you haven’t listened to Blood Mountain or Leviathan yet, you had better. (Atlanta)

3. Gojira is a French metal band; they just keep getting better, producing unique and powerful hooks to go along with their blistering riffs. (Bayonne, France)

4. August Burns Red is a metal-core band from Pennsylvania – the time signatures and complexity of the arrangements just blow my mind. (Manheim, PA)

5. Pelican produce moody and glittering post-metal music. Sometimes you don’t need words. (Chicago)

6. Stavesacre is an old favorite – a bunch of hardcore veterans making melodic, anthemic rock. (SoCal)

7. Living Sacrifice has been around for decades, and somehow keep getting better. (Little Rock)

8. Precious Death is kind of a weird one – they put out two albums in the ’90s, then broke up while the singer started an alternative/funk band (Blackball). His vocals are unique but there is no denying the musical ability here. (SoCal)

9. Buckethead is a loon. Probably the most prolific recording artist in history, he released more than a dozen albums LAST YEAR. This song is his ode to LeBron James (Buckethead is from Ohio).

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