#tbt Frente!

Known best for their radio hits in the early ’90s, “Labour of Love” and New Order cover “Bizarre Love Triangle” from their debut album Marvin the Album, Australian band Frente! actually produced a stronger, quite interesting follow-up in ’96. Shape built on Marvin’s spare, acoustic guitar-driven framework, adding psychedelic flourishes, quirky song structures, and layered vocal harmonies. The album also traded in airy folk-pop songs for darker, moodier pieces that created a nice juxtaposition with Angie Hart’s pixie voice. Unfortunately, Shape did not produce a radio-friendly single, and the band broke-up soon after its release.

If you can look past some of the very dated ’90s music video tropes in these clips, you’ll hear a band with a unique, though still maturing sound.

Horrible (from Shape)

No Time (from Marvin the Album)

Air (from Shape)

Sit on My Hands (from Shape)

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