The Color Morale, Born of Osiris at Outland Ballroom

On a whim, the other night, I wandered over to a metalcore/deathcore show at Spingfield, MO’s fine live venue The Outland Ballroom.

I came in on the tail end of The Color Morale’s set, the band’s final set before embarking on Warped 2014. Exuding a kind of earnest passion and optimism not often seen/heard in metal, I really enjoyed the three songs I heard.



The first thing I noticed upon arrival was someone bleeding from a head wound which more or less sums up the sound of Born of Osiris who followed TCM with a brutal, pummeling set which delighted the assembled throng of fans who came to get crazy. Not my normal scene but I had a blast. My only question is, does every current metal band have to use so many backing tracks? (including an entire set with a distinctly separate rhythm guitar)





An Intro to Hammock

As Hammock, Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson have very quietly built one of the most-enviable back catalogs in post-rock music. Transcending even the limits of the genre, the Nashville-based duo even hint at the possibilities of pop success beyond wordless soundscapes. Download this now! It’s free!