3 Post-Christmas songs

Christmas has come and gone. Boxing Day has come and gone. If you are one of those people who quits listening to holiday music immediately after putting the trash bins with the wrapping paper out then maybe you won’t be inclined to check out these unheralded gems. But you can always bookmark them for next year.

The internets sometimes confuse Puller with Lifter Puller. But they aren’t the same band, trust me. After For Love Not Lisa broke up, Mike Lewis regrouped with Puller and the band put out several excellent albums on Tooth And Nail Records. “Saviour of The Fools” is an original song from the first Happy Christmas compilation, long out of print and not available in online retailers. It’s a shame because it is one of the best, and saddest, holiday songs ever written in the late nineties. Also enjoy songs from Starflyer 59 and a recent, sneaky-good Phoenix track featuring Bill Murray and others that is really a cover of a lost Beach Boys tune.

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