I used to write songs. I would sing them alone in my bedroom. Some of them were sad. Some of them were triumphant. Mostly, they were not that good, or else I would not have forgotten them.

I cannot even remember the words, much less the chords. Just little snippets. And the memory of singing them alone in my bedroom. It was cathartic somehow, or therapeutic.

I wish I remembered those songs. Or remembered how to make them up.

Instead, I listen to lots of songs, especially while driving. Last month, I drove a lot. I also went to a few shows. I saw Joanna Newsom in a far-too-stuffy room and I saw an awesome triple-billing of psych-rock while standing in the sweltering late-summer Texas heat. I also saw Crystal Castles and a couple songs from the Old 97s in the famous Studio 1A at KUTX.

So I made a playlist of songs from those artists (accept Joanna Newsome, because Spotify) and some of the songs that are speaking to me right now. I hope you like them. I am seeing Gojira in a couple of days. Maybe I will write a blog post about it, since I have forgotten how to write songs.


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