#tbt Six Feet Deep – Struggle


The opening drop beat does it every time. Within seconds, epinephrine flows. My head nods.
Let’s go.

“Angry Son”

Six Feet Deep was a Cleveland-based hardcore band that formed in the mid-90s. They released two albums, but only their first is worth remembering. Struggle, in its earnestness, its urgency, its sheer loudness, remains one of my all-time favorite hardcore records.


The lead singer of the band went on to form Brandtson. How he was able to growl and spit like he does on Struggle and then sing so sweet with Brandtson is a mystery. It’s also a disappointment, because the man had pipes made for raging.


This record has aided me in mowing lawns, lifting weights, quitting smoking, staying awake late at night while driving through cornfields, and writing many pages of words. The grooves are so simple, yet so precise, and delivered with zero pretense.


Sharing the lyricist’s worldview, I appreciate his conviction. I’ve always held the opinion that the greatest hardcore music is produced by the greatest assholes in music – militant types that need you to stop eating meat, stop smoking, stop drinking, stop sinning, stop something, and believe in their worldview right-the-fuck-now. The passion is what sells it.