Bad Check: Songs About Money

I’ve had several reasonably interesting minor epiphanies lately. One of which is the often-overlooked fact that there are as many great songs written about money troubles as there are about break-ups.


The struggle of the working musician, the impoverished-by-choice troubador is one of the first casualties of rock n’ roll-stardom. Though Adam Duritz wrote (though only on the first Counting Crows record) “When everybody loves you, that’s just about as f-up as you can be.” I would argue that he is probably not worried about bouncing a check, or running out of gas station burritos.

Wrote a bad check to the government. Wrote a bad check to my parents. Wrote a bad check to this cello player. She didn’t know it at the time ’cause I’m singing it later.

Michael Knott’s music career is a Homeric poem of possibilities, dashed-hopes and absurd slice-of-life observations.

Check the genius imagery of the chorus:

Sometimes I wish those shiny red lights on cop cars
were just big bright cherries
I wanna bowl
I wanna knock down some pins


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