#tbt Influential Covers

Once upon a time, there was a record label called Tooth and Nail (well, technically they’re still around, and there’s a documentary in the works).  In the ’90s, they were home to some pretty interesting bands—outfits that were too “soft” to be underground but too “alternative” to be mainstream.  One of these bands was Blenderhead, who released three albums that started out punk and ended up emo (with a lot of math rock thrown in).  On their second and best record, Muchacho Vivo (released in ’95), Blenderhead introduced me (sheltered nerd that I was) to one of the greatest songs, and bands, of the ’80s:

Similarly, I was introduced to another legendary ’80s band, and classic song, by the electronic duo House of Wires in 1998 (again, I had a pretty fragmented exposure to music—I’ve been playing catch-up for years):