Lovesongs: The National Vs. U2

u2-invisible-video-608x346Two bands that often get criticized for being overly beloved yet overly bland, often unfairly IMHO, just released new videos. They are both love songs, in entirely different ways. U2 are fresh off of raising over $3 million for The Global Fund with the free iTunes release of “Invisible,” a song that was immediately pleasant but is definitely a grower and lyrically the refrain “There is no them/there’s only us” becomes more profound the more you think about it. Tonight the band will be the first musical act to appear on the Jimmy Fallon-hosted Tonight Show.

I spent a bunch of time this summer driving around Missouri listening to The National. A friend of mine was really missing his long distance girlfriend and therefore “I Need My Girl” was on heavy rotation. It’s a great song and now it gets a proper release as a single (with a new b-side!). Madonna once sang “I’m in love with love” but this is a much better sentiment than that.

For the Whole Love of Wilco

I make no attempt whatsoever at objectivity when it comes to the legendary American rock band Wilco … a friend asked me what I thought about the new album (which hasn’t been leaked btw) and I was already ready to review: I LOVE it. Of course I am pretty enamored with just about everything the band has put out, save for about 1/2 of A Ghost is Born. Here’s a clip of Jeff Tweedy playing a new song and another of the band recording the album The Whole Love, due September 27 on Anti.

Behind the Scenes with Wilco Frontman Jeff Tweedy – September 2011 – St. Louis Magazine from St. Louis Magazine on Vimeo.